The Book

When five-year-old Jillian forgets her song, she along with her brother and sister, Eli and Emy, approach “The One Who” to ask for help.

Instead of the requested song, Jillian is given a small seed.

From disappointment and anger, to the satisfaction of a job well done, the children experience an array of emotions and circumstances culminating in an unexpected ending that surpasses their expectations.

Children will enjoy the story and the variant personalities of the trio of siblings as they first argue and then learn to work together for something important.

Adults will enjoy drawing parallels between the behavior of the children and that of the church as it tries to deal with the undomesticated Kingdom of God.

Hopefully, all will see that the seeds needed are already in us, holding in them everything that is or ever will be needed to experience the good news. And that is something to sing about!